Our manufacturing plant is located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. The plant is about 75km from Shenzhen Yantian or Shekou Container Port. The total area is 20,000 square meter with a workforce of about 800 employees.
With continuous improvements in quality, delivery, and product value, we provide world class products and services that meet high expectations of our customers.
Global Material Procurement
Global Shipment and Distribution Services
Our exquisite machinery enables us to provide the best services in manufacturing.

General Test Equipments
Analog and digital oscilloscope
Digital LCR meters
Digital AC power meters
Electronic loads
Digital multi-meters (with GPIB interface)
Power supplies (with GPIB interface)
Audio signal analyzers
GPIB controllers

RF Technologies
Shielding rooms
Spectrum analyzers (up to 8.5GHz) (with GPIB interface)
RF signal generators (analog & IQ types, up to 3GHz, with GPIB interface)
Modulation analyzer (with GPIB interface)
Frequency counters (with GPIB interface)
Bluetooth test set (with GPIB interface)
DECT test set (with GPIB interface)
Communication test set
Auto RF test setup

Manufacturing & Assembly
Lead free assembly
Fast SMT with capability of handling 0201 chip
3 fully automatic and high speed SMT lines
2 sets of independent Juki SMT machines
Cell configured assembly lines provide flexible manufacturing pattern
Lead free wave soldering machines
Product burn-in facilities
In-Circuit testers (ICT)
Back-up power generators

Our plant is equipped with a range of full-function surface mount machines to offer an optimal manufacturing solution for
Major equipment list
Panasonic CM602 SMD mounter x1
Panasonic CM101 SMD mounter x1
Panasonic CM402 SMD mounter x1
Panasonic CM401 SMD mounter x1
Panasonic CM88S SMD mounter x1
Juki KE750 SMD mounter x2
Yamaha YV100 SMD mounter x1
Fully automatic solder paste printer x2
Semi automatic solder paste printer x1
Fully automatic lead free hot air reflow machine x3
Omron automatic optical inspection x2

PCB Panel size
Minimum size: 50 x 50mm
Maximum size: 510 x 460mm
Thickness size: 0.3 x 4mm
Maximum Weight: 4kg
All reflow & soldering process are fully RoHS compliant
SMT Capability
3 fully automatic and high speed machine (400K~1300K chips per line per day)
2 sets of independent Juki SMT machines
Over 3.3M chips daily output
SMT component range :
Minimum Size : 01005
Maximum Size : 100mm x 90mm
Maximum High : up to 21mm
Minimum Ball Pitch : 0.5mm
Minimum Ball Dia. : 0.25mm
Placement accuracy : 簣35弮m/QFP

As an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer, we have been devoted to continuous quality enhancement and product innovation. Our Quality and Engineering teams work closely together for the suggestions in product improvement in functionality, practicality, manufacturability, or cost reduction to our clients.
Quality Policy
Quality is our Life
Customer is our Focus
Precaution is our Principle
Perfection is our Goal

Quality Management System
Quality & Environmental Control
  > Based on ISO9001 & ISO14001 system
> RoHS and WEEE implemented since the Mid of 2005
> Quality level: according to customer's requirement
> Statistical process and corrective action control
> IPC workmanship standard

Quality Assurance Engineering
  > Design verification and validation
> Functional testing of modules and integrations
> Software / Hardware integration testing
> Design troubleshooting
> Modification recommendations
Environment Policy
Obeying Regulations
Preventing Pollution
Saving Resources
Perpetual Improvement

Reliability Engineering
  > Locate potential problems with the design
> Failure modes analysis
> Environmental testing
> Product life and stress testing
> Component life and stress testing
> Thermal shock testing
> Thermal cyclic testing

Typical Facilities
  > X-Ray spectrometer (RoHS tester)
> Programmable temperature & humidity chambers (THS-B)
> ESD tester
> Cable swing bending tester
> Silk-screen and alcohol rub-test tester
> Vibration tester
> High-temperature aging test chamber